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This week in English, we will be looking at a range of inspirational women to link to our topic ‘I have a dream’. Each day this week, we will write small pieces of writing to put together in to a non-chronological report titled ‘Women who changed the world’.

To start with you will need to decide how you want to design and organise your information. Which will you choose?

  • A booklet with pages for each person
  • A power point
  • Microsoft word
  • Pic collage
  • Poster with text boxes
  • Written format

Once you have an idea of how you want to present your information, you may continue.


Today we will be learning about a women named ‘Katherine Johnson’.

Task 1: Read the extract from the book ‘Great women who worked wonders’ written by Kate Pankhurst and look through the powerpoint attached below.

Task 2: Discussion questions

  • What was job did she do?
  • What was special about Katherine?
  • What did she have to overcome?
  • What changes did she make?
  • What were achievements?

Task 3: Using the discussion question answers and the information learnt from the texts, write a paragraph about Katherine Johnson.

Ensure you answer the following questions;

Who is she?

What did she do?

What changes did she make?

Don’t forget to think about the language features!