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Over the past two days, you have been busy in your English lessons finding facts about Usain Bolt. Today, we will focus on sentence work so that we have quality sentences to fit in to our writing tomorrow.

In biographies, adverbial phrases are used throughout the piece of writing to give the reader additional information about time and place. An adverbial phrase is a group of words that refines the meaning of a verb, adjective, or adverb. Similar to adverbs, adverbial phrases modify other words by explaining why, how, where, or when an action occurred.


Here some examples I have found in the texts you read yesterday.


Usain St. Leo Bolt was born on August 21, 1986, in Sherwood Content, Jamaica. His parents Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt ran a local grocery store.

In 2001, he won his first championship medal. McNeil continued to persuade him to put extra dedication into his training.

By the age of twelve, Bolt had become the school's fastest runner over 100 metres.


As you can see from the examples, adverbial phrases can be used in different parts of the sentence and can make the sentence longer. More information about adverbials can be found on the link below and in your CPG revision books.


Task: Use your planning sheet that you created yesterday and choose 6 different facts about Usain Bolt. Once you have chosen your facts, write 6 separate sentences using a range of adverbials explaining why, how, where, or when an action occurred.


Post your sentences on the blog and share with your friends. The more ideas we have the easier our writing will be tomorrow.

Mrs Corcoran