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Yesterday, you looked at a video clip based on Usain Bolt. You began to gather information about his early childhood and how he became famous in sprinting.

Today, we will continue to gather facts about Usain Bolt so that we have lots of information to put in to our biography.

A biography is an account written about someone’s life by someone else. It usually includes information about the following;

  • Early childhood
  • Education
  • Family life
  • Career
  • Achievements
  • Basic date facts such as date of birth or date of death

Task: Use the web links and biography attached and read through. I would like to you to collate the facts about Usain Bolt and create your own planning sheet for your own writing. Once you find a fact about Usain, you can then sort it on to your plan.

 I have attached an example of a planning sheet which you may copy down or print off. Remember when you are planning, you only need to write words and phrases. Do not copy full sentences from the extracts. The plan you make today will help you to do your writing on Thursday.


Mrs Corcoran