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How to draw a dinosaur

Watch this video tutorial showing you how to draw a T.Rex. Can you use this to draw your own T.Rex? Maybe you could have a go at drawing a different dinosaur. 


How to draw a T. rex Natural History Museum.mp4

Still image for this video

How to draw a T.Rex



You will need:



a pencil

a rubber

two pens, one with a fine tip

colouring pencils


1. In pencil, draw a triangle, a circle and a rectangle. 


2. Draw a zigzag line, starting near the centre of the circle. At the bottom add a small rectangle.


3. Use the thicker pen to outline your T.Rex, beginning with its back. Starting at the tip of the triangle, draw a slightly wavy line along one side of the triangle and up the circle. Draw another curved line that slightly dips down the other side of the circle and then goes up towards the rectangle. 


4. For the head, use the rectangle as a guide but round the corners, add a bump above where the eye will be and leave a gap for the mouth.


5. Add a curvy mouth, with matching top and bottom lines.


6. Using the zigzag and rectangle as a guide, draw a leg and foot. Start by drawing a backwards 'C' inside the circle. Add a small 'C' at the corner of the zigzag. Follow the zigzag down to add the bottom part of the leg, and add toes at the rectangle.


7. For the back of the leg, draw a short 'C' at the top of the other side of the zigzag, then a wide 'C' down to the next corner of the zigzag. Finish the bottom of the foot with another backwards 'C' and a horizontal line.


Drawing the leg


8. Starting at the tip of the triangle, draw a slightly wavy line along the bottom of the triangle. Stop this line before it gets to the circle. You've now finished the tail.


9. Start a new curved line that goes around the outside of the circle on either side of the leg. This will be the belly.


10. Between the circle and the rectangle draw a very small arm. Use two curved lines for the upper arm, two straighter lines for the lower arm and a small 'C' where the arm bends. Put two fingers on the end.


11. Draw a short line between the arm and the head. This will be the neck.


12. Add a second arm and leg for the other side. Remember: the top of this second leg and arm will be hidden by the dinosaur's body.


13. Carefully erase all of the pencil lines.


14. Use a thinner pen to draw an eye, nostril and pointy teeth. Add a small black circle in the eye.


15. With the same pen, add claws to the fingers and toes.


16. Add markings on the back (stripes, spots, any pattern you like) and a thin line starting near the end of the tail to show where the soft under belly is.


17. Colour in your drawing.


Once you have finished your T.Rex, you could go further and add a background.