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Guided Reading

Our text this week is a fiction text called ‘The Portal’. Do you know what a portal is? Have you read any stories before that include a portal?

Let’s start by making a prediction.

Use the image, caption and story title to inform your ideas. Can you predict…


Where is the story set? Why do you think so?

Who might the characters be and why?

What is the ‘surprising discovery’?   

How does the image make you feel? Why? How might that link the story?


Now you have made your predictions, read the text to see if you made any accurate predictions.


Did anything surprise you?

Can you sequence these events of the story? I will post the answers later.


A frog jumped across a pond.

Max finished counting.

Toby thought about hiding under the bench.

Toby was confused to see pink snow on the mountains.

The door handle was surprisingly hot.

Everything went silent.


Reread the text and identify any words you are unsure of. Research them, using a dictionary or google, to find out their meaning. You could share these on the blog to help each other.