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Grammar starter

1. Circle all the adverbs in the sentence below.

Open the drawers carefully and quietly when using the filing cabinet.                   1 mark

2. Tick one word to complete the sentence below.

Michael and Kate read their books ______________ they ate their sandwiches.




during                                                                                                                     1 mark

3. Draw lines to match each sentence with the most likely final punctuation.

Look out                                                                                ?

How are you doing                                                                 .

January is the first month of the year                                !                                  1 mark

4. Circle the word that describes how William played on the field.

William played badly on the field.                                                                           1 mark

5. Look at this sentence:

The shopping list said he should buy bread, butter, jam and tea.

  1. What is the name of the punctuation mark that is used after the words ‘bread’ and ‘butter’?

                                        ..............................................................                        1 mark

b) Why is this punctuation mark needed in the sentence above? Tick one.

to mark the start of a new clause

to show that a word is missing

to separate the items in a list

to take the place of brackets                                                          1 mark

Total marks (out of 6) =         .