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Rockstars/ Spelling Shed/ Mathletics


Spend 10 minutes on each of the websites below: 


TT Rockstars -

Why don't you try and get your speed down by 0.1! 


Spelling shed -

New spellings will be set every Monday. Once you have done the games for those spellings - work hard learning some new ones.


Mathletics -

There are loads of tasks and activities to do. Just work your way through them. I can see lots of people have been working really hard! Keep it up.


If you haven't already, why not give numbots a go! 

Use your TT Rockstars username and password.



Complete the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson on learning a poem off by heart. 

Once you have finished you could choose another poem that you like to learn off by heart. If you don't know any poems you can choose one from the website. 

Guided Reading

Starting this week, guided reading will be slightly different. Instead of 3 levels there are going to be 4. Level 4 is going to be for the children who really want to challenge and push themselves. You will also only be looking at one text for the whole week. This is your guided reading timetable: 


Level 1-4 (level 1 is the easiest and level 4 the hardest)

Monday: Read the text and underline unfamiliar vocabulary.

Tuesday: Research definitions of any unfamiliar vocabulary.

Wednesday: Questions on the text.

Thursday: Questions on the text.

Friday: Mark your answers.

Arithmetic Test 
Science - Electricity
Watch the two videos on BBC Bitesize, and read the information on insulators and conductors. Then, complete the activity sheets. 


Some materials let electricity pass through them easily. These materials are known as electrical conductors.

Many metals, such as copper, iron and steel, are good electrical conductors. That is why the parts of electrical objects that need to let electricity pass through are always made of metal.

Metal is used in plugs to allow electricity to transfer from the wall socket, through the plug, and into a device such as a radio or TV.

In a light bulb, the metal filament conducts electricity and causes the light bulb to light up.


Some materials do not allow electricity to pass through them. These materials are known as electrical insulators.

Plastic, wood, glass and rubber are good electrical insulators. That is why they are used to cover materials that carry electricity.

The plastic covering that surrounds wires is an electrical insulator. It stops you from getting an electrical shock.