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Spend 10 minutes on each of these websites:


TT Rockstars: 

Spelling Shed:




Using the words that we have been learning this week, we are going to put them into alphabetical order. 



If you can't remember what alphabetical order is, see if a grown up can help you or look it up on the internet. 


Here is a clue.... it starts with A, B, C, D, E              (How does it finish?)


Use your work from earlier in the week to remind yourself what the words are. 


When you have finished putting them in order, choose 3 words to put into full sentences. 

Guided Reading


Can you remember what the difference is between a noun and a verb? 


noun - an object or thing (the name of the object or thing)


verb - an action word.  If you can DO IT then it is a verb


Use the words from the text to sort them into nouns and verbs. 



In English today, you are going to use the skills you learnt yesterday about recounts to write your own. 


Can you remember what the different features of a recount are?


Watch the video to remind you and then have a go at writing your own recount. Put your recounts on the blog so that we can read them.



Keeping up with our arithmetic this week, here is our arithmetic test for today. 



  • Practise some questions before. 
  • Remember how to add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Read the question carefully
  • Read the symbol carefully
  • Show your working out 
  • Check you answer