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Today, make sure you log onto your spelling shed and practise your spellings.


Have a look at the activity below. Using each of our words from this week, write a sentence for each one.

Guided Reading


Now you have learnt lots about beaches, design your own beach. 


This can be done as a picture, or you could make a 3D model. 


Think about: 

  • What it will look like
  • What activities you can do there
  • What is will be made from



Put your beach designs on the blog so we can see them all.



Today we are going to look at the first part of the story. 

Watch the video below to read the story. 

Lighthouse Keeper's lunch part 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Think about what you would like to have in your lunch box. 


If you could have any food, what would it be? 


Use the template below to draw your lunch items. Then explain why you have picked each item. 



Maths - Starter


Watch the video to practise your counting in 5s

The Counting by Fives Song Counting Songs Scratch Garden.mp4

Still image for this video



This week, we have been working on partitioning our numbers into tens and ones. 


We have used ten ticks and ones. 

We have used the part - whole model. 


Today, we are going to look at place value counters. 


These work the same as tens and ones. 




This is 2 tens and 3 ones = 23


Here I have 5 place value counters. 


What other numbers can I make with 5 counters? 


I could have:  = 14




 = 32


Read the questions below and see if you can use the place value counters to answer the questions. 

Topic - Art


Today we are going to have a look at doing some sketching. We are going to use pencils to draw a picture. 


As we have been learning about Blackpool, we are going to sketch Blackpool.


Watch the video below to see some basic sketching skills.

Basic Sketching.mp4

Still image for this video

Now you have watched how to do some basic sketching, have a go at drawing the picture below. 


  • Just use a pencil
  • Think about the shapes you can see
  • Draw the outline of the objects in the picture
  • Then see if you can try some shading techniques.