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Happy Friday Year 1, here are your home learning activities for today.

Morning work

Please log into education city and complete the assigned spellings. Remember your login is stuck in in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Using all the information you have found out about dolphins, can you create a poster?

Here is a website with some more interesting facts



1 more than 6 is ____

1 more than 11 is ____

1 more than 14 is ____

1 more than 17 is ____

1 more than 20 is ____


Today we are going to find a quarter of a number. When we find a quarter we always have 4 equal groups. 

A quarter of 8, each child has 2

So a quarter of 8 is 2.

Watch the video

Today I would like you to have a go at drawing so remember to count the number as you share.

Then have a go at these

Find a quarter of 4

Find a quarter of 12

Find a quarter of 16

Find a quarter of 20

Find a quarter of 24




Can you write the words to match the pictures below?


Follow the instructions on the video below to make a dolphin from paper.

Well done with all your home learning this week! Have a nice weekend J