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Good Morning Year 1,

Here are some activities we would like you to complete today.


Morning Work

Please log into Education city and play some of the games. Remember your login is stuck in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Watch the story again  ‘The Room on the Broom’

Use your story map from yesterday to write a full retell of the story in your blue exercise books.

Remember to:-

Say your sentence outloud before writing it down.

Use Fred talk to spell the words carefully.

Use capital letters, full stops and maybe an exclamation mark !

Use some conjunctions ( and, because ,so) 

Check your sentences carefully.



Starter-  Put these numbers in order and explain how you ordered them.

56       23            17     99        4

87         3            45     20        100

56         67         0       35          12


Write sentences to describe the 2d shapes.

For example, A square has 4 sides and 4 corners. All the sides are the same length. 


Reading/ Phonics

Share a book together

How many different words can you think of with the special friend igh? Write them down. For example high and night.

Write the words into sentences. 



Practise your drawing skills with this fantastic lesson!


Have a good day.

Miss Hopkins and Miss Shaw