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Good Morning Year 1,

Happy Friday and I hope you’re all ok and staying safe.  Here are some activities we would like you to complete today.

Morning Work

Please log into education city and complete the assigned spellings. Remember your login is stuck in in your blue work book or your reading diary.



Starter- add s to the words below, for example, chairs.







Can you write down some facts about sharks?





1 more than 45 is ____

1 less than 100 is____

1 more than 89 is____

1 less than 20 is ____

1 more than 98 is____

1 less than 71 is___


Today we are going to find half of a number. 

To find half of 4, I would need to get 4 objects and share them out between 2 people equally. When we half, we always have 2 equal groups. 


Can you see that each person has 2 red circles?                                          Half   of 4 is 2.


Now try these in your blue work book. Remember to use objects to help you or draw a picture like I did.

Half of 8 is ___

Half of 6 is ___.

Half of 10 is __.

Half of 15 is ___.

Half of 12 is ___

Half of 2 is ___


Challenge: Can I half the number 7? Why not?






Phonics/ Reading

Share a book with an adult


Can you write down the words to match the pictures below?



Use recycled materials to make a 3d model of a shark. Write some instructions of how you made it.



Have a lovely weekend.