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Oh No! Some of our letters are missing! 

Can you spot what sound is missing from each word?  Is it the 'ph' sound or the 'wh' sound?


Work out what sound is missing and then write the word correctly. 




Today we are going to use the facts that we wrote yesterday to write a letter to our new teacher. 


When you have finished your letters, you can put these on the blog for them to read or you can ask a grown up to e-mail them. 



  • Capital letters
  • Finger spaces
  • Best handwriting
  • Full stops


You need to start you letter by saying who you are writing to. Start with: 


Dear Mrs Whincup




Dear Mrs Chamberlain


And don't forget to tell them who it is from.  You must remember to put your name at the end. You can use the letter template below, or you can use your own lined / plain paper and decorate with pictures of things that you like. 



Finally, today we are going to look at finding a quarter of a number. 

Can you remember what a quarter means? 


It means that we are splitting the shape or number into 4 equal parts. 


Here we have 4 counters.  We have split the right hand side into 4 parts.  This is into quarters.  Each one of those parts is a quarter. 



Then we need to share out our counters.  I have started to share them out here.  Remember, one each and then if you have more, you can go back and give them one more each. 'one for you', 'one for you'. 



All the counters have now been shared out. We need to check that they are equal (the same).  We can see here that each quarter (part) has got one counter each.  They all have the same number of counters in each section.  They are equal. 



To find a quarter, we just want one of the parts.  here I have circled one of the parts.  How many are in this part? There is just 1.    So, a quarter of 4 = 1


Now, see if you can try this with these questions: 




Guided Reading. 


This week, you have looked at some different books that you chose.


Now, think about which book / text you liked the most. 


Why was that your favourite?

What was it about?

Who was it about? 

What happened / What did you find out?

Why would you recommend it?


Answer the questions above and draw a picture of this book / text.