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Today we are going to use the facts that we wrote yesterday to write a letter to our new teacher. 


When you have finished your letters, you can put these on the blog for them to read or you can ask a grown up to e-mail them. 



You are trying to show off how brilliant your writing is.  Think about all the different features we have used this year. here are some of them: 

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Best handwriting
  • Expanded noun phrases (adjectives)
  • Conjunctions (joining words)
  • Adverbs (to describe how you do something i.e. quickly)


You need to start you letter by saying who you are writing to. Start with: 


Dear .........


And don't forget to tell them who it is from.  You must remember to put your name at the end.

Use some plain or lined paper and decorate your work with pictures to tell them a little bit about you. 

Yun and the Ice Spirit

Which superpowers would you most like to have? 


Choose three and explain why. 



This word is missing  prefix (letters at the beginning and a suffix (letters at the end) 


Fill in the missing letters so that the sentence makes sense. 




To finish us off, here is your last Arithmetic Test. 


How many can you get right?

How far do you think you have improved this year? 

Do you think you have got better? 


Any you struggled with, ask a grown up to help you.