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Today, we are going to use the words from this week to try and write a silly sentence. 


Guided Reading


To see what you have learnt about the ocean, today I would like you to draw a picture of the layers of the ocean. 


When you have drawn your picture, write one sentence about each layer to tell me what you have learnt. 



Now you have learnt lots about crabs, I would like to find out what you have learnt. 


You are going to write some sentences to make a fact file about crabs. 


Think about the statements below.

Are they True or False? 

  • If they are true you can put them into a sentence to use in your fact file
  • If they are false, what is the correct fact?  Use the correct fact in your fact file. 



Now, write your sentences. 


Write 5 sentences about crabs (or more if you know more facts) using our punctuation from this week. 

  • Capital Letter
  • Finger Spaces
  • Adjectives
  • Full Stops



Can you put these numbers in the correct order from smallest to largest? 



Now, we are going to use some of the skills we have been practising this week to try some of these challenges below. 


Remember to read the question carefully. Think about what you need to do. 

Are you taking away?

Are you adding?

Do you need to find out how many are left over?  

Do you need to find out the big number that you started with? 



This week, we have been looking at crabs in our writing. 


So, for our art this week, you are going to try and draw a crab. 


Use the video below and follow the steps carefully to help you draw a crab. 


We would love to see your crab pictures on the blog! 

How to Draw a Crab Easy Art Tutorial.mp4

Still image for this video