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You have done lots this week using our 'air' and 'ear' words. 


Now, try to use each one of our words to put into a sentence. 

Can you use more than one in a sentence? 


Guided Reading


  • Draw a lighthouse
  • Label the lighthouse with its different parts
  • Then write sentences to tell me facts about a lighthouse


Use the text from this week to help you with your facts. 


Something a little different for English today. 


Watch the video at the link below:


Write me a few sentences to tell me: 

If you could go anywhere on your bubble, where would you go and why?

Maths - Starter





Like yesterday, we are going to try a problem today. 

Use your knowledge of adding to work out the answers to this problem. 



This week for Art, think about a Lighthouse. 

  • What does it need to have? 
  • How tall does it need to be? 
  • What  colour could it be? 


Design and draw your own lighthouse. 

Label your lighthouse to show the different parts.