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The Great Kapok Tree

You are going to write a setting description using the picture from the story. 

Look carefully at the picture and make notes using a spider diagram to describe it. 

What can you see?

What sounds might you hear? 

What smells might you be able to smell? 

What might you be able to feel? 

Which adjectives could you use to describe the picture? 

Make a list of conjunctions you could use in your setting description. 

Make a list of prepositions you could use. 

You could also think of some adverbs. 


When you have finished your plan, write a short paragraph to describe the setting. Remember to use your senses and expanded noun phrases to describe the setting. You should also use a range of conjunctions and prepositions as well as some adverbs in your setting description. 


Once you have finished your setting description, proof read your work checking for any errors and ways to improve. 


Use the tick sheet to ensure you have all the correct features in your setting description.