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Listen to the story again then complete the BBC Bitesize lesson on using inverted commas.

Once you have completed the lesson on speech, find 3 examples from the story of direct speech that uses inverted commas. 


Then choose 3 different animals and think of 3 things that they could say to the man to help to save the tree. 


Write what each animal says using inverted commas correctly. 


Success Criteria

Open inverted commas.

Write what the animal says starting the speech with a capital letter. 

Use some punctuation. This could be a comma, a question mark or an explanation mark. 

Close inverted commas. 

Write who said it using a verb to say how they said it. 

Try not to use the verb said. If you look up 'said' in a thesaurus, then you will find lots of other examples of vocabulary you can use. 

Challenge: Use adverbs and conjunctions in your speech. 

e.g. "Please don't chop down the tree because it is my home," whispered the Toucan gently.