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 The Invisible Man 


Task 1: Look at the picture and answer the questions below. 

Why is today the most important day of his life? What is supposed to be happening?

Who is ‘he’?

What has happened to him?

When did it happen?

What caused him to finally realise what happened?

How will he find help?

Why is he wearing gloves?

What will he do next?


Task 2: Use the story starter and finish the story. 


Just minutes before, everything had been completely normal. He had sat eating his breakfast at the kitchen table, as he did every day of his life.

It was only when he looked in the mirror that he realised something was wrong. For several seconds he had panicked, and a sick feeling grew in his stomach. His mouth felt dry and he started to sweat as he sprinted from room to room, trying in vain to find a reflection.

How could this have happened? Of all days, why did it have to be today? This was the most important day of his life. He had to find help…