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Non-chronological report


Write the first draft of your non-chronological report using your notes.

You will need to organise your report using your chosen subheadings and you should include an introduction. Your introduction should introduce which animal the report is about and give an interesting fact about the animal to encourage the reader to read the report.

You will also need a title for your report. You could try to use some alliteration in your title to make it more interesting. 

Remember to miss a line each time in your writing so you can edit and improve it tomorrow. 

If you have already written your report last week, you can choose another animal to find out about so you can write another report. 

There are some examples of reports so you know what they should look like. 













Non-chronological Report Examples

Success Criteria

Write a title 

Organise your writing into information paragraphs under the relevant subheadings

Use a range of conjunctions in your writing. 

Use adverbs

Use fronted adverbials

Use a range of punctuation