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Drafting and editing- This is really important year 5! 

After you've finished a piece of writing please make sure you check it! 

Check your work for these common mistakes:

Spelling mistakes

Missing words

Grammar mistakes

Punctuation mistakes


Activity 1- Edit and improve this piece before you have a go at writing your own!

Demelza push back her quilt and reach for the torch she kept underneath her mattress I’m sorry, Grandma, she thought to herself, clicking it on. But nothing’s going to stand between me and my inventions. she thought. Especially something as unnecessary as sleep demelza hopped out of bed and replaced her normal glasses with a pair of Inspection-Spex, from which a serys of magnifying lenses hang down over her eyes like jam jars. Her thinking came next. Having once read that all owned one, Demelza never sat down to invent without her bottle-green hat, which she felt gave her the look of a true professional. (She’d quite fancied growing a moustache similar to that of her hero, Professor Humbert Heinsteene, to complete the look, but being an eleven-year-old schoolgirl, it had so far proved trickier than she’d hoped.

Night-time was Demelza’s favourite time to invent, when everyone else was asleep and she could let her imagination run free under the cover of silent darkness. As she tiptoed across the attic, her torch cast a dim yellow light

over the walls. The shelfs were lined with antik microscopes,

spindles of copper wire and tools of all shapes and 2 sizes.




Activity 2- Write your own version of the start of the story then go through and check it for common mistakes. If you can, ask someone at home to help you spot mistakes!