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Starter: Write three sentences containing relative clauses related to this image!

Today we are going to learn about parenthesis. 

What is parenthesis?

Parenthesis is a word, phrase or sentence that is put in writing as extra information or an afterthought. If the parenthesis is taken away, the passage would still be complete without it.



Here’s my examples everyone linked to the text.

Task 1

For each of these sentences, add an extra information clause (parenthesis) in the spaces. Remember to mark the start and end of your parenthesis with  commas,  dashes or brackets. Vary your punctuation; don’t use just one!

E.g., Demelza never brushes her hair!

Demelza, who doesn’t care about her appearance, never brushes her hair! OR

The inventor - Demelza - never brushes her hair OR

Demelza (the scruffiest inventor in history) never brushes her hair!

  1. Demelza watched a documentary about famous inventors and was really inspired!
  2. The washing machine is a type of invention.
  3. Demelza was banned from doing design technology in school.
  4. The bats slept in our attic during the day.
  5. She lost her phone when she went on the Thunder Roller ride.
  6. She made popcorn for her birthday party.
  7. Unfortunately, Demelza had a bad habit of blowing up the kitchen when she was in the middle of inventing.
  8. Demelza’s granny was tired of cleaning up her mess.
  9. Demelza was lonely as many of her classmates preferred to go on social media rather than talk about her inventions.
  10. The little inventor often dreamed of being famous.