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Today we're going to be looking at innovating the newspaper article. Remember that innovate means that we're going to be putting in our own ideas. We're going to pretend that someone has found something valuable and we're the journalists that are writing a newspaper article on it. 


I am going to pretend that On Saturday 2nd May, John Spencer, a ten year old boy, bought a football from a charity shop whilst shopping for a birthday card for his sister, Sam. When he got in the car, he noticed an autograph- it belonged to the one and only  Cristiano Ronaldo! 


They took a photo and tweeted it to Mr Ronaldo who confirmed that it was indeed one of the first footballs that he'd bought as a poor teenager. John was offered £1000 for the ball from anonymous man but decided to keep it in a glass case on a shelf in his bedroom. His dad said he was much happier than he would have been if he'd have taken the money as Ronaldo was a massive inspiration to John and looking at the football everyday reminds him that anything is possible.


Jot down your ideas:

What was found?

Who found it?

Why was the person who found it there?

When was it found?

Where was it found?

Think of a quote from a family member of friend that could be included in your report.


When you've done that think about:

  • Make your headline short and snappy.
  • E.g Famous Find At Local Charity Shop
  • Write the first sentence sum up what the story is about.
  • E.g A ten year old boy, named John Spencer, managed to bag a bargain on Saturday 2nd May. He unknowingly bought a ball previously owned by footballing super star Cristiano Ronaldo whilst shopping for a birthday card.
  • Write three sentences in passive voice that you can include!
  • E.g The famous football had been placed in a bargain basket, in the corner of the store.

               His sister was reported to have asked John to gift her the football for her birthday as she is said to be a massive fan of the football legend herself. 

              Many offers for the football have been placed online.