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Starter- Edit this piece of writing so that it includes the correct punctuation

The boy ran down the rain-soaked street weaving between abandoned cars He crouched behind one of the vehicles and tried to quiet his laboured breath at first he heard nothing but then behind the noise of the falling rain he made out another sound one that in recent months he had learned to fear The high-pitched whine was getting louder Did that mean the Drones had tracked his scent The boy forced himself to his feet pushing the long black hair out of his eyes and set off down the road again He didnt look back if there was anything behind him he would rather not know

He ducked through the broken door of one of the shops lining the street and ran between shelves stocked with now useless electronic devices Vaulting over a counter at the far end of the shop he grabbed the handle of a door marked Staff Only silently praying that it wasnt locked the handle turned and he stepped into

the gloom of the room beyond As the door closed again he was plunged into darkness

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