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Read the following passage. 

Practise your cursive handwriting by copying the passage in your neatest handwriting.

Then underline the verbs (the doing words).

Finally rewrite the passage into the past tense by changing each verb. You may need to change the sentence structure too.  


Lucy grows very red in the face and tries to say something although she hardly knows what she is trying to say, and bursts into tears. 

Lucy feels miserable because she is a very truthful girl and she knows that she is really in the right. The others who think she is telling a lie make her very unhappy. Edmund is particularly unkind since he sneers at her and keeps on asking her if she has found any other new countries in other cupboards all over the house. What makes it worse is that these days ought to be delightful. The weather is fine and they go outside from morning to night, bathing, fishing, climbing trees and lying in the heather. However, Lucy can not properly enjoy any of it. 

When it comes to the afternoon and there is still no sign of a break in the weather, they decide to play hide and seek. Susan is it and as soon as the others scatter to hide, Lucy goes to the room where the wardrobe is. She does not mean to hide in the wardrobe, because she knows that will only set the others talking again about the whole wretched business. But she does want to have one more look inside it for by this time she is beginning to wonder herself if Narnia and the Faun has not been a dream. The house is so large and complicated and full of hiding places that she thinks she will have time to have one look into the wardrobe and then hide somewhere else. As soon as she reaches it, she hears footsteps in the passage outside and then there is nothing for it so she jumps into the wardrobe and holds the door closed behind her.