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Hello All,

             Today is the day that we start to draft and write our alternative endings to Little Red Riding Hood!


It's really important that you have an idea for another ending.

Here are some of my ideas:

Red locks the wolf in the wardrobe- Girl power!

Grandma (who used to be a champion wrestler) manages to restrain the wolf while Red phones the police.

The three little pigs (who live next door to dear old grandma and are used to dealing with big, bad wolves) burst through the door and over power the wolf.


If you cannot think of your own idea, feel free to use one of the ideas above.

Next jot down ideas about your story structure!

Now think about key vocabulary. Here's an example:

When you've done that, think about an interesting way to start your story:

Now you're ready to start drafting!

Make sure you include: