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Hi All,

           This half term we are all going to use The National Oak Academy for our learning in maths and English. The teacher does say that an adult can tweet examples of work but we have our own blog at CSJ so make sure you use that instead!

Here's a video version of the lesson... but if you can't access it, scroll down...

Look at the front cover of the book below where do you think the setting is? Who is the main character? Can you have a go at describing her? Make a prediction.



Today we are going to be looking at prediction. Let's remind ourselves of how to do this:

Let's read the extract and have a go at answering a prediction question:

Question 1:

How do you think Ariel feels about being a mermaid queen and why?


Question 2: 

Based on what you have read, what do you think the rest of the book is going to be about?


Question 3:

Do you think Ariel should be swimming at the top of the ocean? Use evidence to support your answer.


Question 4:

What do you think Ariel will do with the message from Scuttle? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.


Question 5:

Which of these things is most likely to happen?

a) Ariel takes the news from the seagull back to her kingdom to think of the best plan of action.

b) Ariel reacts immediately, following the bird directly to the problem.

c) Ariel shoos the bird away without listening to the message as she is a queen.

Make sure you include lots of evidence from the text!