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LO: To plan a recount


Choose one of the virtual trips we went on in the holidays, either 'The National History Museum' or 'Chester Zoo'. You are going to write a recount about one of your trips but first you will need to make a plan. 

You can choose how you will plan. You could use a text map, notes, spider gram or the boxing up method. There is an example of a planning method if you would like to use that. 

If you have not experienced the trips yet, you can do this first and take notes whilst you are doing the different activities. 

Remember to collect examples of good vocabulary in your plan that you can use in your writing. When you start writing tomorrow, you will need to have the following language features so make sure you include these in your plan:

A range of conjunctions

Fronted adverbials with a comma

A range of adverbs

Expanded noun phrases

Commas in a list

A range of punctuation


Once you have finished your plan, read through it and check you have included all the language features and have enough information for your writing. Put your plan in a safe place so you can use it when you start writing tomorrow. laugh

Recount Plan