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Good morning lovely people,

                                              This week, we are going to be focusing on discussion texts. This is a very important type of text as it informs people of facts and allows them to form an opinion themselves. We've seen many examples of these types of arguments in the media recently such as whether lock down should end or not.


To create a good discussion text, you must present your facts clearly in paragraphs and write a conclusion so that your reader can understand your key points.

Here is an example:

Read the text list the examples of the following features 

The title of the text often outlines the issue to be discussed in the form of a question. 

The first sentence or paragraph describes the issue to be discussed.

Arguments for both sides

Points are backed up with evidence.

Summary of key points

Present tense

Conjunctives that give emphasis (e.g. furthermorein addition) and connectives that compare and contrast (e.g. howeveron the other hand) are often used.