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Endangered Animals Comic Book

Do you know what it means if an animal is classed as an endangered species? An endangered species is any type of plant or animal that is in danger of disappearing forever. If a species, or type, of plant or animal dies out completely, it becomes extinct. Some animals are facing extinction because of palm oil (which is one of our activities for this week). Watch the video to find out about some animals which are endangered.

Meet Some of the World's Most Endangered Animals | Nat Geo Wild

Chester Zoo has a range of conservation programmes to help these species out. Follow the link below to find out about the first endangered tapir that was born at Chester Zoo in 2016.


We need you to become a superhero….a Conservation Superhero!

Use your drawing and writing skills to come up with a comic book story that saves the day for one endangered species.

First, pick an endangered animal and find out it’s biggest threat (which you will turn into your Super Villain). Remember to also find out which country your animal is from and what habitat they live in. Use the fact sheets below if you wold like an animal threatened by palm oil, or follow the links to websites which give you a list of endangered animals.

Now you need to turn your animal’s biggest threat into a Super Villain. Plan out what they look like, their name and what their super power is that destroys the animal.


Finally, your animal needs a superhero to save it (maybe it could be you!). Plan out what your superhero looks like, is called and their powers that allow them to save the animal.


Once you have your characters, you now need to turn them into a comic book style story. Your plot could begin in the habitat of your chosen endangered animal, the super villain starts their attack but then your superhero arrives to save the day! Remember that in the end your species needs to be saved!


You can draw out your own template or use the one below. Share your finished comic strips on the blog, I can’t wait to see all your ideas!