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Animal Behaviour Study

What might we mean by animal behaviour? It is the way an animal acts and it can often be in response to its habitat. For example, if an animal eats fruit, would we expect it to be digging or foraging for food?


Do you think all animals have the same behaviours? Look at the fact files for the animals below and think about what behaviours they might display. Think about their habitat, whether it lives alone or in a group and what it likes to eat.

You are now going to do a study of the Sulawesi Macaque and their behaviour. Watch the video and tick the box on the recording sheet when you see the behaviour in the macaque video. Hint – some behaviours may occur more than once!

You will need to follow this link to get the video (as the file is too big to upload1). Click download and the video will be there for you to watch.

Now have a think about what the zoo could put in the macaque enclosure to help them use more of their habitat. Share you ideas on the blog.

Finally, I would like you to reflect on this question: why do we need to watch animals’ behaviour?