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This week we are going to look at food chains and what they are. 


Watch this video to explain what they are: 


Now read through the slides below and complete the final activity. 



Use these cards below to see if you can cut them out and order them into a food chain



Now, have a look at the sheet below or the creatures in your garden. 


Can you order these into a food chain? 




Research two food chains from different habitats and draw them on here.  Remember to say which habitat they are from. 





This week we are going to think about everything we have been learning in RE. 


Does completing Hajj make a person a better Muslim? 


Have a look at the activity below: 





We are going to look at some special people that work in the community. 


In particular, we are going to think about people who work for the NHS.  This is particularly appropriate at the moment as they have been doing a great job of looking after us all. 


Read through the slides 

Take a look at the activity below. 


Types of PPE


Can you match the correct PPE to the correct label on the nurse




Now, Create a poster about the NHS


In your poster you need to include :

  • What the NHS is and stands for
  • What the NHS does
  • Why we have an NHS
  • Briefly explain about one or two jobs withinn the NHS



Read through the slides below and see if you can complete the challenges after. 



Below are a few little activities for you to do! 

These will help your new teachers learn all about you!

Upload them to the blog so that your teachers can see them, or ask a grown up to send them to the year group e-mail for your new teachers! 




Take a look at the pictures below.  

They will talk you through the five finger prayer. 

They explain who you should be praying for. 

Then complete the sheet to say who you will be praying for. 



Now you have thought about who you could pray for, have a go at writing your own prayer. 


Remember to include: 

  • Something you are thankful for
  • Something you would say sorry for
  • Something you would ask forgiveness for
  • Something you need help with

All About Me


Now have a think about you... 


Think about all the nice things that have happened this year, either in your time at school or at home. 

Include all the nice things you can think of. 


Remember to colour it nice and bright! 



We have talked a lot this year about our Superheroes!


Complete this activity below to tell me about the superhero that you are! 

I wonder what your superhero name will be?? wink



Behaviours to be proud of


Finally, we are going to think of our school rules and our behaviours to be proud of. 


You are all really good at following these rules so you will be great at this! 


Design a poster to tell us about how to follow these rules! 

You can choose to make a poster about ALL of the behaviours to be proud of, or you can pick one to focus on! 


Remember to draw pictures and use key words / sentences to help you! 

Make sure it is nice and bright to catch our attention! 


Here are the behaviours to be proud of to help you....

Goodbye and Good Luck


Thank you being amazing in Year 2!


We will miss you very much but we know that you will be fabulous in Year 3! 


Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the rest, you have worked super hard this year! 


Take care and hopefully we will see you all in school in September! 


Mrs Whincup and Mrs Chamberlain