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Afternoon Activities

Transition Activities


We are going to think about moving up to Year 2! 


Below are some little activities for you to have a go at.  You could put them on the blog for your new teachers to see, or ask a grown up to e-mail them to the year group e-mail. 




Take a look at the pictures below.  

They will talk you through the five finger prayer. 

They explain who you should be praying for. 

Then complete the sheet to say who you will be praying for. 

All About Me


Now have a think about you... 


Complete the jigsaw piece below to tell us about all your interests. 


Remember to colour it nice and bright! 

My Emotions


Now we are going to think about how we feel. 


We have lots of different emotions and we need to think about what makes us feel each of these emotions. 


What makes you happy? 

What worries you? 


Complete the sheet below with pictures and / or sentences. 



Behaviours to be proud of


Finally, we are going to think of our school rules and our behaviours to be proud of. 


You are all really good at following these rules so you will be great at this! 


Design a poster to tell us about how to follow these rules! 

You can choose to make a poster about ALL of the behaviours to be proud of, or you can pick one to focus on! 


Remember to draw pictures and use key words / sentences to help you! 

Make sure it is nice and bright to catch our attention! 


Here are the behaviours to be proud of to help you....



Good Luck!! 


Good Luck in Year 2! 

Thank you for being amazing in Year 1. We will miss you! 

Have a wonderful holiday! 


Miss Hopkins and Miss Shaw!