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Activity 5

1. Cut out two 1.5" squares out of cereal box cardboard.

(But why stop at two? Cut out more if you want to make more clapper trappers.)

2. Cut out two small slits on opposite sides of your cardboard squares. They should be in the middle of each side.


3. Grab a small rubber band (rainbow loom bands or hair bobble would also work) and use it to wrap around your two cardboard squares. Secure the rubber band in place by sliding it into your slits.

(If the slits are too small, you can always cut out small triangles instead. This will make it easier to slip the rubber bands in.)


How to make Your Clapper Trapper Toy Snap

1. Open up the two pieces of cardboard.

We're creating some potential energy here when we stretch the rubber bands.


2. Keep stretching the rubber bands all the way by pulling the cardboard pieces together. Now let go!