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WC 06.07.2020

 As it is nearly time for you to move to year 1 all the activities on here over the next 2 weeks will be linked to transition. Don't forget if you have any worries or questions about year 1 your grown ups can email us on 
There is no set order to complete these activities so have a look through the activities below and decide which one you want to do each day. 

Jake's first day back at school.

Still image for this video
Watch the video and think about the questions below

- How did Jake feel on the morning of his first day at school?

- Once he was in school did his feelings change?

- Did Jake enjoy his first day back at school?

- How are you feeling about moving to a different class? 

- Is there anything you want to know about your new class? 

Can you create a memory page of your time in Reception? You can use the template below or design your own. We would like to put all your memory pages together to create a book that you can take to your new class with you. 
Can you create a fact file for your new teacher to tell them all about you and the things you like and dislike? You can use the template attached or think of your own creative way of doing this. 

Think about the things you are looking forward to in year 1. What skills would you like to get better at? What topics would you like to do? Have a go at writing some things you wish for in year 1. You can make your own stars or use the template. You can make as many wishes as you like. 

Please share your wishes with us on the blog and we can send them to your new teacher. 

Whilst it is a very exiting time when you are moving to a new class, you may also feel a little bit nervous about certain things. If there is anything you are worried about or you want to know write it down on some paper or on the template below. Place your worries in a jar or a box in your house. 

Sit down with your grown up and talk through each of your worries. If your grown up doesn't know the answer they can email us on and we will try to answer your questions.