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3 Green

Hello Year 3, 

I know it is a strange time at the moment, with everyone not in school and the uncertainty of our school closure. This is happening across the country, all to protect as many people as possible in this difficult time. Try not to worry and know that I am always here to talk to if you have any worries. Make sure you stay positive during this time and look after one another just like you do when you are at school. Speak to one another when you can. 


I love teaching our class as you are all eager, confident learners. Whether you are in school or at home you will be able to continue to grow and learn through our class page, the home learning packs and the activities I'm sure you will do with your families. I can't wait to here all the fantastic things you get up to. 


I am looking forward to seeing you all back in our class, together again! 

Stay safe and be positive!


Miss Jordan

Welcome to Year 3 Green class!


Miss Jordan, Miss Fletcher and Miss Simpson are the staff in 3 Green. We are very excited for this year and all the new achievement we will be aiming for! We have some great things planned including cooking activities, planting our own vegetables and tasting our favourite food. We will have a large focus on handwriting this year and we are all aiming to achieve our gold pencils. We all want to be just like our learning super heroes Independent Izzie and Resilient Raffi as we continue to grow and learn through our time in Year 3.

We had a visitor from The Body Shop who taught us all about Fair trade and how their company supports the women in Ghana to be able to work for a fair wage. She also discussed how these women make Shea butter and the hardships of their jobs.

FOOD: Children brought to school their favourite dish. We wrote about our favourite food and even got to try each others dishes.

Structures: The children were challenged to build the tallest structure using only marshmallows and dry spaghetti.

Planting: The children planted their own vegetables. Hopefully we will be able to harvest them and use the vegetables in make our own meals.