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3 Blue

Welcome to Year 3 Blue class!


Miss Rhodes, Mrs Gilroy and Mrs Midgely are the staff in 3 Blue and we are very excited for the year!

We have some great things planned, including planting our own vegetables, making some delicious meals and learning all about how we stay healthy. We work really hard on our handwriting and presentation in Year 3 and focus on our learning super heroes Independent Izzie and Resilient Raffi as we get used to being in KS2.

To help us understand how long ago the Stone Age was, we used toilet roll! The first sheet represent now and the last 100 years and we had to unravel the toilet roll all the way to the end to get to when the Stone Age was! It was a really really long time ago!

We carried out investigations on different types of rocks, testing them for hardness and if they absorbed water. We used pipettes to add drops of water and magnifying glasses to try and classify the rocks as igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. Although this was really tricky, we now know the difference between these 3 types of rocks!

We used the classroom bins to find evidence of everything we had done that day. They helped us to realise that artefacts are important to find out facts about the past.

We have been learning about our bodies and bones. We have labelled a skeleton, drawn bones using chalks and looked at X-Rays. We have also asked some excellent questions such as – ‘Why do we have bones?’ ‘What are bones made of?’ ‘How strong are bones?’ ‘How do bones break and heal?’ We have started answering some of these questions already and look forward to finding the answer to the rest of them!

On Wednesday 13th November, 3 Blue and 3 Green went on a school trip to Eureka. We had great fun, learning about our bodies and finsing facts that will help us with our topic. We also had time to explore the rest of the museum, making different sounds and acting out working in a shop and a garage. The children said: “The Eureka trip was really fun because we could have a go at fixing a car tyre!” “Eureka was fun but also very messy when we played in the sand.” “I liked Eureka because we could go on a bike and see what our skeleton looked like riding it!”

For the start of our English task, we were asked to write a warning story. To help us, we had lots of different items and we used our imaginations and acting skills to create a story that we could then write. We used the items through the rest of the week to challenge us to write different sentence and genres.

We have been consolidating our place value and addition skills using a variety of methods and resources. We have been challenging ourselves to become more independent and use our skills.


The Story of Rama and Sita