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2 Green Shout Out!


My shout out this week (again) goes to Ruby Warnes!! The only person to achieve Royal Bee with the challenge words. Welll Done! 

I have also enjoyed reading your posts on the blog to let us all know what you have been getting up to!


A special shout out to Mia Priestley today. In class today we noticed on the birthday display that it is your birthday! 


I hope you enjoy your day and do lots of fun things with your family! 



Mrs Chamberlain

2 Blue! 


Here are my certificates for this week! 


Well done to Mustafah for his work on Spelling Shed this week! You have been doing a lot more this weeks this is great to see your Spelling Shed Score go up! Well done! 


Also, well done to George N and Charlotte for their work on TT Rockstars! You are both really consistent with your learning and effort! Brilliant work! 


I would also like to make an extra shout out this week to Charlotte who has been really active on our blog this week!  She has been replying to my posts, putting up her work as well as adding her own blog posts!  I have really enjoyed chatting to her on there this week! It would be lovely to speak to more of you this coming week! 


Have a great week! 

Mrs Whincup!