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2 Green Shout Out!


My first shout out this week is to Abigail. You have been just like Creative Krissie and made 2 fantastic tanks to celebrate VE day last week.



My next shout out is to Ruby, Robyn and Jenson. You have all worked hard this week and written some fantastic stories about a flying lion, panther and a monkey. 



2 Blue Shout Outs! 


Hi all! I know some more of you are starting to get your logons working for the blog and showing me a few more posts! This is great! But this week, I want to shout out to Meraal for her new post on the blog! I know she struggled to get onto the blog but with the help of her Mum and me, we got her on and she put on a post about her VE Day activities! 

Well done Meraal! 

You can see the post here:|



I also have some more certificates this week for our assignments set!


Spelling Shed

Well done to Harris, you have really stepped up this week and  I can see how hard you have been working on your spelling shed! Your certificate is below! 



Each week, we get certificates for Mathletics to show who has been logging on and trying their assignments. It resets each week, so you have to work up from Bronze, to Silver to Gold.  We've not yet had any Gold, but this week we have 2 Bronze certificates.  These people have had them before, which shows that they are consistently logging onto Mathletics and completing their work! 

Congratulations to Charlotte and George N. Your certificates are below! 

Mathletics Certificates - PDF